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WOW! These turned out really good. Extremely easy, one skillet meal. It can be ready in less than 20 minutes!

Here are a few thoughts on the methods I used when preparing this dish for my family….

I read through the recipe and got out the pots and pans I would use.

A. Skillet to sear the shrimp. This may be small for the single portions, but in most cases a 10” skillet will do. It is easiest to cook the Shrimp in several batches. It took me 3 batches with a 8’ skillet for a 2/3 size meal. The larger the skillet, the easier it is to burn the shrimp…

B. 2 medium size bowls. One for the liquid eggs and the other for the breading mix

C. Lay out and go over your ingredient bags. 1. Shrimp-be sure to drain the thawing liquid off 2. Liquid eggs 3. Breading of cornmeal, flour, Cajun seasoning, and salt. 4. Hoagie Rolls 5. Remoulade Sauce

D. Plate with paper towels for the cooked shrimp t0 rest while other shrimp are cooking

Place the liquid eggs in one bowl. Add the drained shrimp to cover with the liquid eggs. Stir to coat evenly.

In the second bowl, add the breading mix. Use a fork to mix these ingredients well.

Add a portion of the shrimp from the egg mix to the breading bowl. I added the number of shrimp that I was going to be able to successfully cook as a single layer in my skillet. Using a pair of tongs or a spoon, twist and turn the shrimp to evenly coat them.

Place skillet on a medium heat. Add 1-2 tablespoons of Oil. Get oil really warm, but not smoking! Consider putting heat on medium. The coating on the shrimp will blacken quite easily if the oil is too hot. Don’t overload the pan with the shrimp, just a single layer. Flip the shrimp so they are golden brown on each side. Place on plate with paper towel. Wipe out skillet with a paper towel to be rid of the breading that has fallen off. It just likes to burn. (Notice in the pictures, I did not heed this advice!) Repeat the process until the shrimp are all done. NOTE: one could have the oven at 200 and place the cooked shrimp on a sheet pan to stay warm.

Now the debate on the Cutting the Hoagie bun! My picture shows a wedge cut out of the top of the bun. My thought was that I could lay the shrimp in the “trough.” The method worked, but limited the number of shrimp I could fit on the sandwich. (That was a true ‘Poor Boy’ only had 6-7 shrimp!) Add the remoulade sauce! Another idea would be to cut the hoagie in half horizontally, place shrimp and remoulade on the bottom half and replace the top on the bread. Likely to become a loaded with shrimp (rich boy) sandwich!

Others may want to shred some lettuce, cut some tomatoes and have a GF Shrimp Salad.

So many options!


And Remember…. Get the kids to help set the table. Placemat, Fork, Knife, Folded Napkin, Cup or Glass for their drinks. Teach them: Forks go on the left and knives and spoons go on the right. (To remember: “Fork” has four letters, as does “left”; “knife” and “spoon” both have five letters, as does “right.”) Folded Napkin under the Fork on the left side. A set table sets up a nice protocol for family time. Not always easy to do and it gives kids a chance to share about their day.

NO CELL PHONES...that includes mom and dad!

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