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Summer nights are made for the grill and what is better than a home cooked, marinated Flank Steak!

I read through the recipe and got out the pots and pans I would use.

A. 2 qt pot for Pasta water. 4-5qt pot for Large and XL servings

B. 1 qt Pot for California Vegetable Blend. 2-3 qt pot for Large and XL servings, though, once again, I cheated and added the vegetables to the cooking pasta to allow both to finish cooking together.

C. Heated Grill with burners on medium to medium high.

D. Lay out and go over your ingredient bags. 1. Marinated Flank Steak 2. Wheat Pasta 3. California Blend of Vegetables 4. Bowl and basting brush for the leftover marinade.

Let’s get that Flank Steak on a plate and place it on the counter. Keep marinate in a side bowl to brush on the meat as it cooks. It helps to knock the chill off the steak before grilling. Beware of the dog getting your steak should you have one of those counter grazers like I do!

Get your Grill on…medium-medium high heat to give a good sear and cook these flank steaks in under 8 minutes for medium rare.

Bring that pasta water to a boil. Seasoning with a 1/2t-1 teaspoon of salt helps the flavor and decrease the boiling time. Put the pasta in the water and stir every once in a while, to keep from sticking….

Put the meat on the grill. Grill for 2 minutes, turn meat 45 degrees to get a cross mark. Cook 2 more minutes. Baste meat, Flip and repeat. Baste cooked side. Allow the meat to “rest” on a clean plate, covered with foil while you are finishing off the pasta and vegetables. Resting the meat allows the meat to relax and allows the juice of the meat to flow back from the middle of the meat to the outside areas, thus making the meat more tender and easier to chew.

Stir pasta, taste test to see how close to being done it is. The pasta should have some bite in the middle after 8-10 minutes. This is when I add my vegetables and butter. (Or, minced garlic and olive oil). Cook until pasta and vegetables are done. Strain, and place back into hot pot, cover to keep warm.

Add chopped herbs such as parsley. Olive oil, Butter, Fresh Cracked black pepper…whatever you like—grated parmesan cheese would be good also!

Now to slice your steak…Thin Slice the flank steak on an angle. You will either see where we have started the angled cut for you…Or, look at the meat carefully and you will see the texture appears to have lines/grains running parallel thru the meat. You want to cut across these lines, not parallel (with the lines.) Hold the knife at a 45 angle as you cut across the meat. Cut thin pieces (1/4”). Flank steaks eats better this way. (If you cut with the grain, the meat will be stringy and will act as dental floss as you chew. It will still taste good but will be a challenge for your teeth.)

Time to Plate…

Place the pasta and vegetables on the plate, add several strips of flank steak!


And Remember…. Get the kids to help set the table. Placemat, Fork, Knife, Folded Napkin, Cup or Glass for their drinks. Teach them: Forks go on the left and knives and spoons go on the right. (To remember: “Fork” has four letters, as does “left”; “knife” and “spoon” both have five letters, as does “right.”) Folded Napkin under the Fork on the left side. A set table sets up a nice protocol for family time. Not always easy to do and it gives kids a chance to share about their day.

NO CELL PHONES...that includes mom and dad!

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