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Homemade Balsamic Honey Barbecue Pork Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries

WOW! So easy and very good! Pork and Sauce for 3 to 4 people was placed in a crockpot. Crockpot was set to High. 5 1/2 hrs hours later, I put the Sweet Potato Fries in the oven and 20 minutes later we were eating Sliders and Fries!

Ingredient Bag....Pork Roast, Sauce Ingredients, Hawaiian Slider Buns, Sweet Potato Fries

Not pictured are the slider buns and sweet potato fries, my apologies

  1. Place the Frozen or Thawed pork roast in the crockpot. Add the sauce bag. We turned ours to high and left it for 5 1/2 hrs. I came back and found pork was perfectly fork tender. Shredded it and left it in the crockpot on low while I cooked the fries.

2. For the fries, I was at The Dinner Shoppe, so we used our countertop oven. Set to 425, placed the fries on a foiled pan and cooked for 14 minutes. Perfect. Taste test for seasoning. I felt they needed no more seasoning, so I avoided additional salt. We are using Alexio Sweet Potato Fries this summer. They have turned out to be a good product line.

This was one of the easiest and flavorful meals. The hint of the Balsamic Vinegar in the Barbecue Sauce is very satisfying as an acidic taste. It is not overpowering as Balsamic can often be.


And Remember…. Get the kids to help set the table. Placemat, Fork, Knife, Folded Napkin, Cup or Glass for their drinks. Teach them: Forks go on the left and knives and spoons go on the right. (To remember: “Fork” has four letters, as does “left”; “knife” and “spoon” both have five letters, as does “right.”) Folded Napkin under the Fork on the left side. A set table sets up a nice protocol for family time. Not always easy to do and it gives kids a chance to share about their day.

NO CELL PHONES...that includes mom and dad!

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