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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing your meals, the number in the drop down refers to what?

When choosing your meals, the number in the drop down refers to how many of each meal you would like, rather than how many servings you want. The serving size is determined when you choose your package prior to choosing the actual meals!

Does the Dinner Shoppe customize meals?

We can customize your meals for dietary restrictions... low sodium, low sugar, gluten-free, vegetarian, no dairy, or even half meat/half vegerarian!

Can I choose a favorite dinner from the past menu?

If you have a favorite dinner from the past, we are happy to make it if it's not offered on the menu as long as we have the ingredients! Just add it in the Special Instructions box!

Can you customize a recipe?

We love to customize recipes to suit you and your family! Just let us know in the Special Instructions box at the end of the order form what to leave out, or put on the side, or what meat to use instead!

Can I split into 2 or more pickups?

If you would like to split an order into 2 or more pickups...that's fine! When you order, be sure to split the order and place it on the day you would like to pick up...or have delivered (remember the delivery charge will be applied each time, though). For instance, if you would like to order 12 meals for 2-3, choose that package and then just put the 6 you would like to pick up on each date.... we'll just charge half of the total each time you pick up.

If I order a different number of meals than the packages will you prorate the price?

If you would like to order a different number of meals than the packages of 3, 6, or 12, that's fine! We will prorate the price!

What specials do you have?

Besides offering an extra meal free to new customers with an order of a package of meals, we only run one special every month... no $10 this week or $20 the next.... because we believe that our current and loyal customers deserve a special, too!! Each month, you can add an extra meal free when you place your order for the coming month before the 17th of the current month (i.e. place March order before February 17th). We don't charge until you pick up or get delivery, so if you need to cancel or change, that's okay!

What is the best way to contact you?

We are local... born and raised!... so if you have questions, just call or email! Even if it's after hours, we will do our best to get right back to you!