Roast Beef
Image by Martin Péchy

March Menu

Looking for some luck o' the Irish!!!

Enjoy our March Menu with dishes like the Corned Beef Casserole, Baked Chicken with Peaches, or our Irish Meatloaf. 


Corned Beef Casserole
Gaelic Steak with Irish Whiskey Sauce
Luck o' the Irish Pot Roast
Red Curry Thai Beef and Sweet Potatoes
Upside Down Pizza Casserole
Beef Steak
Chicken Breast


Baked Chicken with Peaches
Buffalo Chicken Lasagna
Chicken and Biscuits
Coconut Crusted Chicken with Pineapple Rice
Crockpot Chicken and Bacon Macaroni and Cheese
Crockpot Creamy Spinach and Sundried Tomato Chicken
Irish Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom Irish Cream


Creamy Pork Paprika with Egg Noodles
Ginger Honey Lime Pork Roast
Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Honey Ale Slaw
Smothered in Gravy Pork Roast and Mashed Potatoes
St. Patty's Pork Chops
Roast Beef
Hot Food


Potato Crusted Tilapia
Shrimp and Andouille Gumbo on Polenta

Ground Beef or Turkey

Irish Meatloaf


Quinoa with Hominy and Black Beans