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Roast Beef
Image by Martin Péchy

February Menu

Celebrating a Month of Love
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Image by Martin Péchy


Completely cooked, just warm and  serve!
Chef Eric is cooking Valentine's Dinner for you to warm and serve!  
$75 for an elegant, romantic dinner for 2 at home...

*Lemon Marinated Shrimp Ceviche -shrimp, onion, pimento,
black olives, olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, dry mustard,
salt, pepper

*Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Whipped Cream Horseradish

*Risotto with Shitake Mushrooms - risotto, shitake
mushrooms, vegetable stock, onion, butter, salt, pepper

*Broccolini with Lemon Butter

*Petite Dinner Rolls

*Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Sauce & Whipped Cream

Limited reservations available, order by February 7
for pickup February 13 or 14. 

Happy Valentine's Day from our kitchen to yours

Red Frames and Ribbons

February Menu

Bread Pudding

Raspberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding (Oven)

Dessert for your Valentine!  Absolutely delicious with raspberries, white chocolate, eggs, cream, vanilla, and bourbon!


Cheesy Macaroni  Beef  Casserole (Oven)

Beef, macaroni, corn, peas, mushrooms, onions, and cheddar with a hint of chili powder and dish meal!    

Crockpot Enchilada Casserole  (Crockpot)

Enchiladas ready when you get home!  Layers of flour tortillas, beef, tomatoes, green chilies, onion, green peppers, chili powder, cumin, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses….all in the crockpot!

Horseradish Encrusted Beef Tenderloin
*Lighter, no rice  (Oven) )....with rice and green beans

Our unbelievably tender beef tenderloin encrusted in horseradish and Dijon and served with a sour cream and horseradish sauce. 

Steak Medallions with Gorgonzola Pasta    
*Lighter (no pasta, California blend) (Stovetop) ....with corn

Steak medallions marinated in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar top the gorgonzola pasta.

Beef Steak
Chicken Breast


Apricot Curry Chicken    
*Lighter... with California blend (Oven or Grill) ....with peas and rice

Chicken breasts marinated in an apricot jam sauce with a hint of curry.

Chicken Asparagus Bundles   
*Lighter (less sauce, no cheese) no egg noodles (Oven) ...with egg noodles

Chicken breasts rolled up around Swiss cheese and asparagus spears, topped with

Dijon tarragon sauce.

Chicken with Walnuts Casserole (Oven )

Chicken, walnuts, peas, carrots, potatoes, and French fried onions! An all in one dinner!

Crockpot Chicken in Spinach Cream Sauce (Crockpot, Oven) …with penne

Chicken thighs rubbed with paprika simmer in creamed spinach with Parmesan

and a touch of lemon juice.

Crockpot Creamy Shredded Parmesan Chicken and Pasta (Crockpot, Oven)

Shredded chicken breasts, penne, cream cheese, Parmesan, and homemade creamy

Italian dressing

It’s Amore! Chicken   *Lighter ...with carrots (Stovetop) ...with corn and penne

Chicken breasts marinated with rosemary and lemon juice butterflied so that when

you sauté them in your skillet they look like a heart!  Add our delicious topping of

parsley, mint, basil, and a little Dijon mustard for a great Mediterranean taste!

Sautéed  Chicken Breasts with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
*Lighter  with green beans (Broil, Grill, or Stovetop) ...with corn and egg noodles 

Chicken breasts sautéed and topped with our special sauce made with raspberries,

chipotle paste, jalapenos (optional), brown sugar, and cider vinegar.  You will love it! 


Carmelized Pork and Jasmine Rice  
*Lighter, no rice.  (Stovetop) …with vegetable medley

Toss pork cubes, onion, green chilies pepper, green onion, and sesame oil in caramelized sugar heated in your skillet .  Serve over Jasmine rice

Crockpot  Orange Cranberry Pork Roast    
*Lighter, with California blend (Crockpot or Oven) ...with vegetable medley and egg noodles

Sweet and tangy!  This pork roast cooks in cranberry sauce, sweet and tangy dressing, and orange juice

Crockpot  Cheddar Pork Chops  
(Crockpot or Oven) …with green beans

On top of shredded potatoes, this warm and cheesy pork chop dinner with cream sauce, sour cream, and French fried onions

Marsala Pork Tenderloin    
*Lighter, with California blend  (Stovetop) ...with vegetable medley and rice

Pork tenderloin rubbed with parsley, rosemary, sage, and garlic powder with mushrooms and onions in a Marsala wine sauce

Pork Chops with Cherry Jalapeno Sauce    
*Lighter (less sauce), with green beans (Stovetop)  ....with peas and penne

Celebrate President's Day with our pork chops sautéed then simmered in a sauce with cherries and jalapenos.

Roast Beef
Hot Food


Baked Bruschetta Shrimp
(Oven)…  with penne and vegetable medley

Bruschetta shrimp!!  Shrimp baked in garlic and wine with panko, tomatoes, basil, and Parmesan

Creamy Shrimp and Angel Hair Casserole
(Oven)… with peas

Great casserole with angel hair pasta, shrimp, feta, Swiss, Monterrey Jack, basil, oregano, parsley, salsa, cream, eggs, and yogurt

Tilapia with Artichoke Caponata   
*Lighter (no rice)     (Oven or Grill, Stovetop) ...with rice

Tilapia baked and topped with a warm caponata of artichokes, red peppers, capers,

pine nuts, celery, onion, and white wine

Ground Beef or Turkey

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf  
*Lighter (less cheese, bacon, mayo, fried onions), with carrots (Oven) ...with rice and corn

One fantastic meatloaf!  It tastes just like a bacon cheeseburger!!


Spinach Lasagna

Our spinach lasagna can be vegetarian…or add bacon to give it a new twist! 

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